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The hunger one sees in the eyes of an impoverished boy or girl, is often reflective of the deep hunger that pervades that child’s soul.

Our deep desire and ambition is that every underserved child who comes into contact with World Ministry to Others leaves with their hunger satisfied.  Our nutritional programs meet not only the immediate needs for food but also long term sustenance promoting health and well-being in the children.

Whether through feeding lines in India, school feeding plans in Central America or hospital feeding programs in Central America and India, these projects that we have funded for over 40  years are critical if we are to stem the tide of thousands of children dying each year around the globe from hunger

It takes only a moment to reach out one’s hand and offer food to a child.

childincribMedical Care

For a child without access to medical care, disease equals darkness.

For the marginalized children, orphaned, abandoned, homeless or confined to isolated communities around the globe, medical care can be virtually impossible to receive.  Generational impoverishment is a vicious cycle often leading to no immediate or affordable access to medical care.  Even if they isolated families could find transportation to care, many cannot afford the time off work. The children of these often neglected communities are particularly susceptible to disease from poor living conditions, environmental issues and malnutrition.  Even minor illnesses like a simple cold, if left untreated, can be fatal to a child.

WMO  has committed our time and resources to provide outstanding medical care to children, women, and men and to fund the building of local clinics and hospitals.


Education represents hope. The change to learn to read and write changes a child’s life, and most especially the life of a child of generational impoverishment.

It is very difficult for a child to pull him or herself out of the degradation of impoverishment without assistance from an outside source.

When a child is given an education, her burden of despair is replaced by a sense of inner value and potential. Hope wells up within that child and the world around gains perspective as the door of possibility opens.

World Ministry to Others is driven by the belief in the miracle of hope and the power of change education brings to children in need!

Girls In CrisisIMG_3702

Global issues impacting girls are specific. Impoverished girls bear a singular burden. Born into generation poverty, many girls find themselves forgotten within a society that rarely intervenes on their behalf. They remain vulnerable, unskilled, uneducated and unwanted. As such, they fall victim to trafficking, slave labor, and prostitution.

World Ministry to Others works diligently on behalf of girls in broken societies. We see these girls as the loveliest jewels, not rough, but strong, determined, hope-filled, beautiful little girls worthy to be cherished.

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